How to advertise on CareerHub

Step 1: Employer Type

  • Click on the appropriate Register or Login button shown on the left panel.
  • New employers must register first.
  • If you believe that your organisation already has an account please contact us.

Step 2: Organisation Details

  • Enter organisation details.
  • Please note you are able to change your organisation's details at any time using the 'Edit Details' function in your profile once you have logged in.
  • Acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Step 3: Register Primary Contact

  • Enter primary contact details.
  • Create a 'Username' and 'Password'.

Registration submitted

Whilst your organisation's registration is awaiting approval, you can continue to add jobs and contacts, however details will not be visible to students until your registration and each submission has been approved by an Administrator.

  • You will receive an email confirming your registration.
  • Once your registration is processed you will also be notified by email.

Log into CareerHub using your username and password, select 'Add a new job' and enter the job details in the appropriate fields.

Descriptive Details:

  • Summary - Clearly state who you are looking for (e.g. 'We are seeking students in their final year of study in the disciplines of…').
  • Details - Ensure that there is enough information, but not too extensive, in this field for students to make a decision whether or not to visit your website for more information and apply online. To use bullet points, use an (-) or (*) at the beginning of each line.
  • Application procedures - This should include where and how to apply, and contain the complete website URL or email address in any hyperlinks.


  • You must make at least one selection in each category e.g. 'Type of work', 'Occupation', and 'Campus'.
  • The more effectively you classify your job advertisements, the greater the likelihood of finding the right RMIT student or graduate.

Editing Jobs:

Due to our duty of care to students, advertisements cannot be edited after they are submitted. If you need to make changes to an advertisement once it is submitted, please contact us.

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